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Hi, I'm Grace

I'm a UX/UI Designer and I created this page just for you! Doesn't that kind of dedication make you want to hire me on the spot?

...Well, if you still need some convincing, then here are 9 more reasons why you should hire me. 

1. I created this site 

    I may be new to the game, but this site is proof that I can come up with quality designs. 

2. I use your application daily

    Who better to understand your users than a user themself? Working in the restaurant industry, I interact with your product daily, so I have a strong grasp of both the customer facing and the business-facing interface.

3. I'm a team player

    I've worked as a bartender for the past year, so I can tell you from personal experience that having a strong team is invaluable.

    I'm an incredibly social person, and for me, the collaboration aspect of UX Design is a huge part of the draw. 

4. I'm naturally curious

5. I love to learn

    That's why I pursued anthropology and economics in my undergrad. I was required to ask big questions like "what makes us human," and "what drives consumer behavior," then conduct research to answer those questions.

    My childhood curiosity has fueled my love of research, and I'm excited to be pursuing a research-heavy career.

    Right now I'm learning Flexbox, Sketch, and Photoshop because I want to enlarge my design toolbox. I'm also learning Spanish, salsa dancing, and this song on piano. Why? Because I'm obsessed with learning new things and I'll stop at nothing to become the renaissance woman I know I am. 

6. I don't shy away from a challenge

    I worked full time as a bartender while putting in 20 hours a week to complete my Designlab certification. It was challenging, but it proves just how much I love this field and how much work I'll put in to achieve my career goals. 

8. I have great visual design skills

    I sketch out ideas, look to other artists and brand for inspiration, and go through multiple iterations of a design before I'm satisfied with it. With each design I make, I aim to create something intuitive to use and interesting to look at. 

7. I don't let fear hold me back

    Everyone is a little bit afraid of looking stupid, but I choose not to let that fear keep me from trying new things or pursuing lofty goals. If I make your team, I plan on fearlessly asking questions, presenting solutions I believe in, and taking on whatever challenges you throw at me.

8. I don't crack under pressure

    Working in a restaurant, I learned to love the chaos. I'm great at thinking on my feet, adapting to challenging circumstances, and maintaining empathy even under pressure.  

9. I chose your company for a reason

    This job stuck out to me because you ensure your employees have the resources they need to thrive. 

Selected Work


Designing a mobile app for users to upload and stream content -- specifically independent animation. 

Instagram Swipe

Designing a feature which would allow Instagram users to swipe on and follow nearby accounts.

Jess Campbell Tattooing

Designing a responsive website for a local tattoo artist to showcase their work and attract clients.

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