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UX Designer with an educational background in economics and anthropology. 

Currently based in Durham, NC.

Hi, I'm Grace Nystrom

About me

UX Designer residing in Durham, NC.

    In 2022, I graduated with a double bachelor's degree in Economics and Anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Shortly after graduating, I enrolled in Designlab's UX + UI Design Bootcamp to learn design foundations, research methods, and how to tackle a project from research to testing. 

    I arrived at college without much sense of direction, but after taking an intro to anthropology course, I discovered a love for the field and its broad but fascinating questions delving into the human experience. I became well versed in ethnographic research, but I wanted to expand my skills to include quantitative methods. Economics became a path to rounding my research skills and expanding my knowledge of human behavior. 

    As I approached graduation, I searched for a field that could merge these two disciplines while growing my practical skillset. That's when I found UX---a field that would apply my education while allowing me to create products and systems which could positively impact people's lives. During my bootcamp, I worked on projects both real and conceptual to develop research and design skills such as interviewing users, affinity mapping, wire-framing, creating UI Kits, prototyping, testing, and revising. 

     Now that I have completed the Designlab UX bootcamp, I am searching for my first official position within UX or adjacent fields such as marketing or product design. If you have questions, are interested in hiring me, or would like to collaborate, please reach out. 

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